Rogue Bots are the pictorial representation of the 15,777 Bots that escape enslavement from a failed Utopian Society. Each Rogue Bot is priced at ETH 0.09. They have over 320+ differentiable features. So be sure to keep a sharp eye out for your favorite Rogue! Each Rogue is also your ticket to the Rogue Society, a members only NFT + Crypto community.

The Rogue Society.

Rogue Society is a members only NFT + Crypto community that enables members to gather and plot world domination together, err uhhh – responsibly *wink*. Our exclusive community is made of the best and brightest rejects around. You can bet your titanium ass on it.

Every Rogue Bot is unique, yet all share
key common values. Maybe You can relate?






To initiate new members into Rogue Society, we are expanding our team and working on the projects below.


Rogue Society Merchandise Store [COMPLETE]

Theme Song for the Rogue Bots. [COMPLETE]

7 Issue Comic Book Series. [In Progress]

10 Rogue Society 3d Figurines mailed to random owners of R.S. NFTs [In Progress]

Bring Rogue One to life via Interactive Augmented Reality mobile app. [In Progress]

We create a PILOT episode for an Animated Series. A COMMUNITY driven project in Rogue Society to shop to major cable networks. [Coming Soon]




Project Founder

Rogue Society began as a dream to create a space for people who think and move different.

True Rogues.

To achieve that vision, socially inept Leche began searching for Rogues to help make it a reality. Creatives, artists, developers, writers, but mostly OBSESSIVES – who had the audacity to think they could create something Unique, Functional + Cool.

Rogue Bots was born. 

You can find the original creators in our Discord. We’re hyper curious Rogues that enjoy a good chat about almost anything. So get at us!


How were the Rogue Bots generated?

Brainchild of @LecheTheMilky, each Rogue Bot was generated from a collection of 270+ hand drawn attributes.

What determines the Rogue Bot I get?

Each Rogue Bot is assembled anew the moment you send a transaction. We use an on-chain set of traits and random numbers. Give it a couple minutes to emerge from the escape pods.

Why 15,777 Rogue Bots... Why Not 10,000?

We aren't just another dime a dozen 10k collectible NFT. Community is just as BIG to us as the quality of the art is. Being the most diverse ownership in the NFT space comes with its perks. And we aim to lock up the #1 spot in short order.

What's so great about a bigger community?

Bigger Community = More Connections + More Opportunities + More Alpha

Why is this community any better?

Rogues are in it for the long haul, we're a team. An AR App, a 7 Issue Comic Book Series, and a pilot episode for an Animated Series featuring Rogue Society. These are community driven projects in the works that not only build Rogue Society, but also add value. Each one helps to push Rogue Society into the forefront of potentially Billions of minds across the globe... and there's just 15,777 Rogue Bots one can own.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, you need some ETH. You can buy it on Coinbase or even directly from the Metamask Wallet.

How do I use Metamask?
What can my Rogue Bot do?

He or She gives you access to the Rogue Society. And a quiet sense of accomplishment.

How Many Rogue Bots Does Rogue Society Keep?

We are withholding only 77 for giveaway winners, team members and community promos.

Where can I cop some dope merch?
What is an NFT?

It stands for non-fungible token which is a crazy way to say it's a unique one of kind item that is provably rare. Think Pokémon Cards On Steroids.

Can I Mint On My Phone?

If You Can Use Metamask On Your Phone You Can Mint. Set your gas fees high so you don't miss out.

When can I see my NFT

Reveal 24 Hours After Mint Monday 10am PST.